EPF withdrawal scheme | withdraw 90% of EPF amount and buy home

EPF withdrawal scheme | withdraw 90% of EPF amount and buy home

Earlier EPFO or Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation introduced EPF housing loans. However, recently EPF introduced group housing scheme. And according to this housing scheme. EPF subscribers can withdraw 90% amount. In addition, this 90% is on total EPF balance. In case you do not know your EPF balance. Then you can check EPF balance online or offline easily.

Withdrawal of 90% EPF amount conditions

Apart from above stated things. You must remember a few things. Here, this list includes that EPFO members withdraw this amount only for realty investments. On other hand, you can use this amount in non-government housing projects as well.

But as of now, this scheme is for government housing projects. Even notified housing projects are part of this. In addition, subscribers of EPFO can receive loans at subsidised rates. As this will be under PMAY. PMAY is short form for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

Other things to know about 90% withdrawal of EPF amount

There are almost four crore EPFO subscribers. These retirement fund body subscribers will get many benefits. In addition, if you are EPF member then you can check EPF UAN login portal. As this will provide latest news on EPF.

Apart from above stated things. You will be able to make down payments for the property. While on other hand, you pay EMIs to your EPF accounts. Thus, provident fund members can buy homes. Another aspect is that you can withdraw only 90% of amount from your EPF balance.

Pay EMIs to your EPF account

The Labour Ministry says that it changed one scheme. And that is why people can withdraw money. However, members should return money they took from their provident funds account. Additionally, there is set of rules that you should follow. As only people who come under this rule will get to benefit from these rules.

Terms and conditions to withdraw 90% EPF amount

First, member must contribute for minimum three years. Second, only once provident fund members can avail this facility. Moreover, this is applicable once in applicant’s life. Finally, subscriber’s spouse must have Rs. 20,000 minimum in their accounts.
Additionally, at least 10 subscribers together must form group. Or they can form society. And then they go and buy housing units. You may then either buy flat or other units. Moreover, you can buy these units from either public or the private builders.

And as we told you earlier, you must at least have three years of work experience. Because only then you will get a chance to join this scheme. Besides this there is one more condition.

This condition is that EPF members must refund extra amount. This is in case if there is extra amount. Furthermore, you must return this amount in thirty days. The time starts when construction or purchase of housing property is over.

On other hand, you must not forget to give this amount in one lump sum. And the deadline is thirty days. Now it is to see how successful will this latest scheme of EPFO be. While according to sources, this scheme will be useful to all EPFO members.

Recently, EPFO announced steps on how to link Aadhaar card with EPF and UAN Account. Thus, it will be easy for you to link Aadhar with EPFO UAN Account from now.

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