How to link Aadhaar card with EPF and UAN Account | Link Aadhar with EPFO UAN Account

Now link Aadhaar card with EPF and UAN account. Moreover, Government of India strictly said everyone must link Aadhaar card to EPF. Thus, link Aadhaar with Provident Fund, Life Insurance. In addition, you can link Aadhar to Monthly pension. Earlier, you could Check EPF balance online or offline.

But now EPFO members must link Aadhar with EPF and UAN. However, Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation asked members to link Aadhaar number with bank accounts. According to reports, everyone must link Aadhaar card. Besides, you must link Aadhaar card with other documents as well.

Hence, it will help only EPFO members. So, you can keep reading to know how to link Aadhaar card with EPF UAN accounts. In addition, provident fund subscribers access account of EPFO online service.

But for this activation of UAN or Universal Account Number is necessary. Moreover, you can check  UAN login EPFO portal. As this will help you with other details.

Upload KYC documents in UAN portal

You must also upload KYC documents at UAN portal. Furthermore, KYC is short form for Know Your Customer. EPF members must upload following documents –

  • A copy of PAN card. It must be self attested
  • Self attested Aadhaar card copy
  • One copy of cancelled cheque leaf of bank account. Here, you must provide Account Number, Beneficiary Name and IFSC code

Second, you must upload your Aadhaar card at EPFO official website. However, for that you must follow some steps –

Steps to link my EPF with Aadhaar card

As we told you before, you must follow rules. Because these rules will add Aadhaar details to EPF accounts. Thus, in this way, Aadhaar details link to your UAN EPF accounts.

How should I link Aadhaar card with EPF and UAN account

  • First, you must go to official EPFO UAN website
  • To go to official website, you can click on
  • Second, enter your log in ID
  • Third, enter the password
  • You must remember that here, Log in ID is UAN activated account number
  • Whereas password is one that you select
  • After that click on enter

You will then go to another page. Moreover, on this page, you will see KYC section. KYC is Know Your Customer section. After this you must look for Aadhaar linking option.

Once you find that option. You can click on it. Because in this way Aadhaar card links to EPF UAN account. But here the process is not over.

Process to link Aadhaar card with EPF UAN account

After clicking on the link of Aadhaar card. You must enter required details. These details are your name and Aadhaar number. Finally, you can save all these details.

Thus, from now on linking Aadhaar card with EPF is very easy. Moreover, people can easily link Aadhaar details with EPF.

Apart from that knowledge of EPFO housing scheme loan details will be plus point. Because they can check housing scheme interest rates also.

On other hand, EPFO is working hard to help provident fund people. And that is why there was announcement of interest rates on EPF. And it is 8.65% as per latest news on EPF.

Submit Aadhaar details

Finally, Employees’ Provident Fund announced that there is deadline. Moreover, submission of Aadhaar card details is necessary. However, it should be before the deadline. And this deadline is 30th April 2017. Therefore, before 30 April 2017 you must submit Aadhaar card details. It is only then you will receive benefits of Aadhaar card.

In addition, linking Aadhaar card with EPF UAN account is simple. Moreover, above steps will help you with further process. But only remember that you check you PF balance sometimes.

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