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EPFO or Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation is responsible for PFs. At EPFO login portal, you can avail different services. These services help you to check PF balance by SMS, EPF android app, generate EPF number. You can even know PF transfer and withdrawal with UAN or at EPFO portal. Moreover, transferring PF amount from one account to another account is easy with UAN.

Employee Provident Fund Organisation’s things to know about EPF balance passbook with UAN

Checking your PF balance was never so easy. Now you can know PF balance status at EPFO portal. You can even get EPF statement if you have EPFO login. Otherwise check PF balance with PF number or EPF balance check by using UAN number.

Steps to check the EPFO balance online

There are steps that you must follow so that you check EPFO balance online. Below you find complete information on how to login to UAN member portal for balance check.  You also see process of EPFO login registration for EPF member.

Check EPF balance passbook statement with UAN

You will be able to learn How to check PF balance online and offline in the articles.  There are many ways for you to check provident fund balance –

  • One is PF balance check with PF number.
  • Second is check PF balance with UAN.
  • And third one is check EPF balance with missed call service.

Transfer PF amount using UAN as PF transfer with UAN is easy now

When you submit UAN and Aadhaar card number, automatically PF transfer takes place. This transfer will transfer your PF amount from one account to another. EPFO allows for EPF amount transfer by UAN number.

Benefits of PF transfer

If you are looking forward to UAN login registration process then it is very easy. All you require is identity card, mobile number. This will help in UAN activation process. Moreover, you can Check UAN number with PF number. In other words it is process to check UAN status.

Login process in UAN member portal for EPF balance check with UAN number

If you are looking for process to know how to log in to UAN member portal for EPF balance check. Then you must go to EPFO-UAN member portal. Enter required details. You can also Download UAN passbook here.

EPFO-UAN member portal services

How to login to UAN Member portal for balance check?

At UAN member portal you can Check EPF balance with UAN, UAN passbook download, upload EKYC, transfer PF amount without HR approval of company. Therefore it is now very easy process for all people.

Why to Use EPF Transfer online and know use of EPFO Self Portal

Plus, get PF SMS alerts on transaction, UAN pension tracking and EPF balance check by EPF app, online support from UAN helpdesk or UAN help portal. Finally, you may check PF balance by SMS or PF balance check by missed call service.

Check UAN status at EPFO portal

You can now know your UAN status at official EPFO services website. You can go to official EPFO UAN website to check UAN status. Do not forget about UAN activation at UAN portal login. You can activate UAN number with member ID as well. All this is done at the official site of UAN. This is nothing but EPFO UAN login portal.

Benefits of checking EPFO status online

There are many benefits of checking EPFO status online however for this you should know process to find out EPFO claim status with the UAN.

PF transfer withdrawal process

  • Firstly, you can now transfer as well as withdraw PF amount.
  • Secondly, PF transfer online claim or PF withdrawal online.
  • Thirdly, make request at EPFO OTCP portal.
  • Fourthly, at the portal, go to employee services.
  • Finally, if you do not have username and password.
  • Create them. It is easy task.

Steps to transfer your EPF money online

There are many benefits of transferring your EPF money online but for this you should be able to have idea of how to use EPF transfer. Further idea of how to go for EPFO login portal will be plus point here.

To create username and password at EPFO portal, add personal details. Also add PF account details. This way you do PF transfer and withdrawal procedure online.

What are benefits of EPF transfer?

Many benefits come with PF transfers. There will be no problem to transfer funds from one account to another account. Moreover, you do not worry about deductions. Because deductions happen only in EPF withdrawal. This is the difference between EPF withdrawal and EPF transfer which is better. Finally, interest will add to PF savings.

What is EPFO PF claim status online check?

Benefits of checking your EPFO status online

With help of PF number or PF claim ID, you can check your account’s claim status. This number will help you to know status of requests you made. Therefore, things will be easy to handle. In case you have any doubts about PF transfer claim status then you can speak to employer.

EPFO PF claim status

Remember that employers have main role to play to settle claims of EPF. The provident fund organisation provided an online portal to settle claims. This portal is OTCP. You can read EPFO claim status to know how to settle PF claim transfer online.

How to make EPFO payment at ECR portal online

Employers EPF contribution is compulsory every month. And employers should pay EPF amount by 15th of every month. Because this will become EPF contributions of employees at EPFO. However, EPFO changed EPFO payment portal. Therefore, it has now become Unified UAN portal.

EPF employer UAN unified portal for monthly payment of PF

At EPFO-UAN portal login, employers can login to UAN portal for making EPF payments. They can also approve employees’ documents and PF claim approvals here.

Make EPFO payment at the ECR portal

ECR means Electronic Challan cum Return. You can go to EPFO ECR online payment portal. Here fill required details. In this way authorities generate ECR. Then select your corporate account bank and make provident fund payment via TRRN number. This TRRN number will help you Track EPF payment status as well. It is very easy to Make payment for EPF via ECR portal.

EPFO services for employees and UAN member portal services

EPFO provides employees many benefits. Because of EPFO, employees can focus on following things

  • EPFO member portal employee registration
  • Check EPF monthly payments
  • You can check EPF balance online
  • Transfer PF balance from old account to new PF account

EPFO services for employers

Employers avail following services at EPFO OTCP online portal or UAN employer portal –

  • You can establish registration for EPFO code
  • Creation of multiple UAN numbers for employees
  • Activate UAN numbers
  • ECR portal 2.0 challan upload
  • Make EPF payments online
  • You can upload EPF related digital signature certificates
  • Finally, employers will be able to confirm previous employment of employees online. This is useful for PF amount transfer to new PF account

Process for EPFO member registration at EPF portal online

Activating UAN Number with Member ID process

We know you are looking for EPFO member registration at the EPF portal. Here you can check steps for registering at EPFO website online. You can keep reading to know more about process of EPFO member registration.


  • You should first click on following link a http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/
  • On the screen check Employees tab, click that
  • Next click on Download EPF passbook (check EPF balance online with EPF passbook download and you will get PF balance statement online)
  • Remember to register at EPFO member portal to get provident fund passbook
  • You do not submit PF number for EPFO member portal registration
  • Directly enter name, mobile number, date of birth, PAN card or Aadhaar card or Passport or Voter ID card details

EPFO employer login: other steps for registering EPFO member

  • Next step enter document number
  • Type name as it is in your ID proof
  • Enter your email ID
  • Fill captcha code in field provided
  • Click on get PIN
  • You will receive PIN on mobile number
  • To continue registering process, you must enter OTP on EPFO login portal
  • Click ‘I agree’ option

Members now you can check UAN status with EPFO portal

When you complete all above steps, you are successfully registered at EPFO UAN portal. Therefore, you can download EPF statement. But for downloading EPF statement online, you should log in to EPFO portal version 1.0.

UAN Login Registration process

In short, registering process at EPFO website is –

You click on http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/ and from there you go to services. In next step you click on employers followed by EPF passbook. You then click on login or registration tab so that you can fill form. Finally you can download PF statement or EPF passbook download.

Benefits of universal number account for employees

Thus, you now know the process of EPFO UAN login member portal. You also know how to check EPF balance status online, EPFO employer login, EPFO employee’s login. Moreover, you know process of EPFO transfer withdrawal claim status. Finally, the PF transfer withdrawal process is clear.

Step by step guide lines to transfer PF

So now you learnt step by step process of steps for seeing EPFO claim status. And all this is possible only you finish EPFO login registration for members.

Tips to login in to EPFO account

When you follow all steps mentioned above you can easily log in to your EPFO account. After you log in to your PF account you can make use of many advantages that provident fund gives. But it is compulsory for you to follow all the conditions of PF transfer.

How to use EPF transfer

When you follow above steps to transfer PF in online mode you do not worry about transferring of EPFO balance or EPFO withdrawal. In addition you understand need for EPF transfer because it helps you only at the end.

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