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Check EPF balance by UAN number very easily now because there is EPF balance checking EPFO portal for your use. If you wish to find details about your EPF balance statement then you can know EPF balance information here. Moreover, there is EPF balance app, check EPF balance sms, check EPF balance status etc here. To know more, you can go for EPF balance passbook login or download EPF balance sheet by SMS, UAN member portal.

Steps for UAN passbook download for EPF balance

In addition, there is option for EPF balance enquiry download. You can even check EPF balance by UAN. However, there are other ways to check EPF balance status. To know more on how to check EPF balance using UAN read on.

Mobile based services for knowing EPF balance passbook India

For pf members to know their UAN number statement or PF statement UAN login etc, different mobile facility is there. The Ministry of State for Labour and Employment launched these services in September 2015.

List of EPFO mobile-based services

EPF balance checking on mobile app

You can select EPF balance checking on mobile app option because by using this you can use many other facilities. Moreover some of these benefits of checking PF balance with UAN number or by using EPF balance check mobile app are SMS based UAN activation, EPFO mobile app and Check balance with missed call service.

Procedure to check EPF balance with PF number

There are many ways for EPF balance check. However, here may find EPF balance enquiry form at EPF balance India site. First way to find EPF balance is at EPFO balance portal.

How to check EPF member balance in EPF account

Government of India and EPF authorities together made some simple rules for people to withdraw their provident fund. However before you start withdrawing your provident fund it is always better that you learn to check PF balance with UAN number.

How to download EPF statement EPFO at portal

To help you further below you find complete list of  steps that you must follow so that checking Employees Provident Fund account balance by SMS or missed call or at EPFO portal is easy. You also remember that you should not miss any steps.

Step 1: Process for EPF balance check at EPFO portal

  • First go to
  • Next click on employee services
  • Employee services tab is above EPF claim status option
  • After this, enter your EPF account number, mobile number
  • Now you must select Regional EPFO office
  • Then click on Get PF balance details tab
  • When you complete above process, you will get your PF balance status by SMS

Process to get EPF statement at EPFO portal

To receive EPF balance passbook statement or PF statement UAN login, you must go to official website. This way you can check EPF balance UAN no.

How to download EPF statement EPFO at portal

In case you are looking for steps on how to download EPF statement from EPFO portal then you came to correct place it is so because here you come to know different methods to check your EPF account balance.

EPF balance checking at EPFO portal

First you click on a or to go to EPFO services site. After that you should follow all below given steps as these are step – by – step process of checking provident fund balance at the employees provident fund portal –

  • Firstly, search for check EPF passbook tab
  • Secondly, select start and the end date
  • Thirdly, click on view or get your PF account statement tab
  • After this, your EPF account statement is get in PDF format

How to check EPF member balance

This way, you will know EPF balance passbook check online process. However, remember about EPF balance passbook login option. In addition, you will not be able to view EPF balance passbook statement if your phone does not have PDF reader.

Therefore, it is better that you get PDF reader beforehand. This way you can view EPF balance passbook PDF format file.

Step 2: Way to check PF balance with UAN number

Now you can get your EPF balance statement using UAN number. With UAN, you can get EPF balance sheet also.

But you must go to UAN portal first. Click on a to go to EPFO united portal login. Furthermore, you may login to UAN portal with UAN number and a password.

Remember that you must Register or Activate UAN number for EPF balance enquiry passbook check.

Process to know PF balance using UAN number

  • First go to unified member portal services website
  • At the site, click on get UAN passbook
  • You will finally be able to see monthly EPF balance statement here

You can even check EPF balance transfer method. Lastly, you will know remaining EPF balance in PF account. Thus, this way you know how to check EPF balance with PF number or EPF balance check by UAN.

How to check EPF balance by missed call

Employees Provident Fund Organisation or EPFO organisation allows you to check EPF balance by giving missed call at official number or else there is one more option. However for this you make use of SMS.

How to check the EPF balance by SMS

Hence by sending this SMS you get to know your answers easily. And for now you keep reading to know how to check provident fund account balance by using mobile app.

Step 3: Method for EPF balance check on EPF balance mobile app

To know your EPF balance on mobile app, you must be UAN members. In addition, you should use EPFO app. If you like to get EPFO mobile app then take it from EPFO official website. You may even get this app from google play store.

Sometimes EPF balance app may not work. So, it is better that you refresh the page so that you can get EPF balance statement easily. Remember that it is an EPFO android app.

Step 4: Know how to check EPF balance through SMS

Knowing EPF balance by SMS is another method for EPF balance status. One way is to check your PF statement on EPFO UAN member website. If you do not have online access to go to EPF balance portal. Then check EPF balance SMS will be helpful.

Plus, EPFO allows you for knowing EPF balance by SMS. Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation is changing pf balance checking features. This will only help EPFO members to know their EPF balance in many ways.

Process to find Employees Provident Fund account balance by UAN number

Recently EPFO launched SMS based UAN activation, EPF mobile app. Even EPFO missed call service is part of this. Apart from this, EPFO launched Universal Account Number for all EPFO members. Therefore, you may find EPF balance with UAN number.

EPF balance checking at EPFO portal

Therefore it becomes easy and simple task for you to know more about balance. It is so because from now you can know how to use these provident fund to buy house. There is also one more option for you to select from as authorities now allow you use this amount for medical emergencies.

As a result you do not wait for the end term to get amount from your EPF account. But you remember one more important thing here and it is that you can never withdraw complete amount from your account.

Use EPF balance check for withdrawing EPF amount

You may use this opportunity to check EPF balance as it will give you an idea of how much can you withdraw whenever you require this amount. So now you keep reading to know process for finding out EPF balance by using UAN number.

Steps to check EPF balance through UAN number

  • In order to know EPF balance India, you must use UAN registered mobile number
  • You should send EPF balance sms to 7738299899
  • Send pf balance statement sms in following format à

EPFOHO UAN <ENG> to 7738299899

In the above pf balance enquiry SMS, EPFOHO means EPFO Head Office. ENG stands for language. As a result, you will receive pf balance statement in English.

EPFO will reply to registered mobile number with PF member details. Even PF KYC, PF last contribution and Total PF amount will be there in sms.


To know EPF balance by sms, your PF account number must be validated. Validation will happen when HR of your company approves Aadhaar and PAN card documents.

Step 5: Learn how to check EPF balance with missed called service

EPFO is working hard to provide easy to use facilities to pf members. That is why we now have EPF balance check by missed call service. Therefore, when you like to know epf balance statement, give a missed call on phone number.

Phone number to check epf balance by missed call is 011-22901406. You can call from anywhere. And then get to know epf balance status, epf account details.

Thus, you now know how to check UAN statement or PF account balance statement. This is possible by checking EPF balance with PF number or EPF balance check by UAN number.

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