EPFO employer UAN login payment procedure

Make EPF payment online through UAN portal. If you are checking ways to make epf payment online then you are at the right place. Here, you will know important steps about payment EPFO employer unified portal. Also check EPF employer login passbook or EPF UAN employer portal login. You will also know steps on how to pay EPF online.

How to use EPFO e – seva portal

In this article you learn more about how to make EPFO payment at UAN portal. Moreover this information will help you in many ways. It is so because if you do not have information about how to use EPFO e – seva portal then you will know all about it on this page. You will also be able to learn steps to make use of EPF employer login portal.

So this information is very helpful to you now and in the future. But you always remember to follow rules because only then you will know how to use EPF employer log in portal payment by using yoru UAN number.

How to make EPFO payment at the UAN portal

This post on employer log in portal will be really useful to you to check EPFO employer claim. Even know EPFO employer registration process. Check what EPF employer contribution is as well. Moreover, you will understand complete process of Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation online payment through UAN login.

Points to remember about EPF e – sewa member portal

Employers must remember there are some banks through which you can make payments for PF employer accounts. Thus, making EPF payment online is very easy. In addition, employer must make EPF payments by 15th of every month.

Things to keep in mind about EPFO UAN employer portal

After 15th there will not be any extension. Therefore, to make things easy Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation introduced online payment of EPF scheme.

How to make EPF online payment at EPFO UAN employer portal

Now you can go to EPFO UAN services employer portal to make payments. But remember that net banking facility is available for your corporate account. In case you wish to make EPF payments through retirement body-UAN portal follow the below steps.

Remember that EPF employer login password forgot situation does happen. If you forget EPF employer login portal password then do not worry. You will find solution easily. However, remember not to forget EPF employer login passbook details.

EPF employer login portal usage

You must go to EPF employer login page. Net banking facility will help you to transfer EPF payment from corporate account to your retirement fund account. You may use SMS facility also as this is one of the easiest methods to find out more about your EPF balance and more things about your account with Employees Provident Fund Organisation. Apart from this with the help of SMS facility, you do not have to worry about employer.

It is because employer should not submit returns through Form 5/10 12 A, 6 A or 3 A. The retirement fund body made EPF-UAN services online payment option compulsory. Therefore, employers should opt for payment unified UAN login.

Process for EPFO employer registration

Firstly, employer must go to EPFO official site. Here you should select challan generation. This challan will help you to pay EPF online. Thus, it uses net banking facility for EPF UAN employer service portal.

How to pay EPF online payment

To make EPF online payment or make EPF contribution, you must go to EPFO official website. At this website, you will know about banks, which make EPF payment through online. Here you will know list of banks for EPF online payment facility.

State Bank of India of India EPF online payment

State Bank of India is one of the many different banks that provide facility for all employers to log in to their Employees Provident Fund Organisation account. Apart from this you can transfer funds to your Employees Provident Fund Organisation accounts.

As we told you that there are other banks in India also who are part of this scheme so you can check below list of all banks that are part of this EPFO scheme. This knowledge of list of banks will be of great help in your future transactions.

List of banks related to EPFO UAN employer portal payment

You can check the list of banks to make EPF online payment here à Axis Bank, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Bank of Baroda, State Bank of Hyderabad, Bank of India, State Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, State Bank of Mysore, BNP Paribas, State Bank of Patiala, Canara Bank.

Other banks are à State Bank of Travancore, Catholic Syrian Bank, Syndicate Bank, City Union Bank, UCO Bank, Corporation Bank, Union Bank of India, Cosmos Bank, United Bank of India, Deutsche Bank, Vijaya Bank, Development Credit Bank, Allahabad Bank, Federal Bank, Andhra Bank, HDFC Bank Limited, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, ICICI Bank Limited, Central Bank of India.

Some more banks à Indian Overseas Bank, Dena Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Dhanlaxmi Bank, Janta Sahkari Bank, IDBI Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Indian Bank, Kotak bank, IndusInd bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, ING Vysya Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Karnataka Bank, Punjab & Maharashtra Coop. Bank

Additionally, RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland), Punjab and Sind Bank, Saraswat Bank, Punjab National Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Ratnakar Bank, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank, Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Bank, TNSC Bank, South Indian Bank Ltd, YES Bank. These banks also have EPF employer online payment facility.

EPF employer e – seva portal

Now you know names of banks that have online payment facility. Therefore, you can go forward with rest of the process.

How should I use EPFO e seva portal?

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation launched EPFO e seva portal in 2012. With this employment retirement fund body, employer unified portal usage has become easy. Moreover, you will get ECR’s online receipt. It is also easy to generate TRRN.

To use this service, you can click on à http://esewa.epfoservices.in/. However, if you read below process, you will know what to do at EPFO UAN esewa portal.

Procedure for EPF employer login portal

Retirement fund’s employer registration or EPFO employer unified portal search is necessary for EPFO employer login. It is only through EPF UAN employer login that you make EPF payments. Read on to know EPF employer login page process.

  • First check if you bank’s name is in the list or no
  • If your bank is there then continue the process
  • Second, go to EPFO official website
  • Click on a http://epfindia.com/site_en/ to go to EPFO UAN employer login page
  • At EPFO site, click EPF employer e- seva tab
  • Next select EPFO employer registration
  • Register yourself or your organisation

Further process at EPF employer login portal

  • Firstly, you must create user ID and password
  • Secondly, login to EPF employer login page with your User ID and password
  • Remember to log in to EPFO UAN employer service page only
  • Next upload required details
  • ECR or Electronic Challan Cum Return is then generated
  • After this on same EPFO UAN services employer portal click on ‘Online ECR / Challan Submission’
  • This tab generates TRRN or Temporary Return Reference Number
  • Remember to upload EPF employer share before you generate challan
  • EPF employer share is your monthly contribution
  • And when all details are submitted, challan is generated

Steps to continue at EPF UAN employer service page

  • Upload contribution details
  • You must verify the details before authorities approve them
  • Later challan and acknowledgement copy are generated
  • Finally click on get challan to save these copies


You can find TRRN on right top corner of challan. Never forget to get challan. However, TRRN validity is 15 days from its date of generation.

Points to remember on how to make EPFO payment at UAN portal

At EPFO UAN services employer portal, never forget to go for EPFO employer unified portal. At this site, you must check EPFO employer registration. Next, generate EPF UAN employer login. EPF UAN employer portal login allows you to make EPF employer payment online.

In addition, do not forget to upload or update mobile number. As you, receive SMS alerts about EPF employer login passbook. In case, EPF employer login password forgot situation arises then uploaded details will help you. You may even check EPFO employer claim.

Process for State Bank of India EPF online payment by employer

Here, we mentioned process for paying EPF online with SBI. You can now go to State Bank of India’s official site for payment of EPF. Use either online payment of EPF corporate or SBI saral. Read on to know EPF UAN employers payment through State Bank of India.

Steps EPF employer must follow to pay EPF online

  • You must go to SBI website for SBI EPF payment
  • Next, you should log in to corporate banking
  • Then select Payment or transfer option from the list of options
  • However, you must select Pay EPF
  • After this, enter TRRN that you have
  • Do not forget to verify your debit account
  • When you verified details, click submit

Points to remember

When you are corporate user, you must wait for authorization. An authoriser will authorize your debit account. However, this step is not applicable for SBI Saral users. The reason is that there happens to be one user in case of a Saral account of SBI.

After authorization, you can view challan. If you wish then take print of EPF employer payment challan. Finally, remember you will find challan under ‘Reports’ option. This option is in your EPF employer’s account.

EPFO employer unified portal

Apart from above stated things, get to generate EPF employer share annual slip. Employers can get this slip at EPFO UAN services employer e-seva portal. Moreover, this annual slip has many benefits.

How to pay EPF online

Now, you very well know process for EPFO employer UAN login payment portal. Therefore, from next time do not forget to make EPF online payment before 15th of every month. Just go to EPF UAN employer login page to continue the process.

Thus you very well know about usage of EPFO e – seva portal, you also now have idea of EPFO UAN employer portal log in process. Therefore from next time you simply follow above stated rules so that you do not face any other problem related to Employees Provident Fund Organisation log in at EPF UAN official portal.

Further EPFO authorities made many simple rules so that all people benefit from them and also make use of other provident fund schemes for both employer and employees.

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