EPF Claim Status and EPFO allows members to claim online with UAN interface

EPFO allows members to make online claim with UAN interface

PF claim status

Benefits of checking your EPFO status online

With help of PF number or PF claim ID, you can check your account’s claim status. This number will help you to know status of requests you made. Therefore, things will be easy to handle. In case you have any doubts about PF transfer claim status then you can speak to employer.

EPFO PF claim status

Remember that employers have main role to play to settle claims of EPF. The provident fund organisation provided an online portal to settle claims. This portal is OTCP. You can read EPFO claim status to know how to settle PF claim transfer online.

EPFO allows members to claim online with UAN interface

As per latest news EPFO members do not have to give documents for online PF withdrawal. However, only few members will be able to apply for this opportunity. In addition, EPF members must activate UAN and seed Aadhaar with EPFO.

Here, UAN is Universal Account Number. Moreover, with UAN and Aadhaar linked KYC. You can apply for PF final settlement. This is Form 19 of EPF. You can even use Form 10 C for pension withdrawal benefit.

Additionally, PF part withdrawal Form 31 is useful. Because this is from UAN interface directly. Besides, Form 19, Form 10 C and Form 31 are more than 80 %. And these forms are helpful in EPFO claim workload.

Things to know about UAN interface online claims

Start making direct claims

EPF members can now make claims directly. Moreover, it is via online process only. Even members do not have to speak to employer or EPFO officers. It is so because forms will go to EPFO database. And at this database, forms process. Therefore, amount credits to member’s bank account.

Documents are not necessary

Government of India is trying to make provident fund process easy. Therefore, you must submit your KYC documents only once. In addition, you do not have to give supporting documents. This is for PF part withdrawal case.

But you must remember to submit self-declaration. Because this is for advance claim.

Activate your UAN

To get above facilities. You must first activate your Universal Account Number. Additionally, UAN should have updated phone number. On other hand, link Aadhaar to EPF UAN. In this way you do not have to submit KYC documents again.

In addition, you must submit IFSC code and PAN card details. Because they must be in EPFO database. And this will help in final settlement of PF. Additionally, it helps in PF settling claims if service is less than 5 years.

Online EPF claim submission

You can now submit your claim online. But EPF members must login to member interface using UAN. In addition, you must mention UAN correctly. After this you must also mention OTP. Finally, you will receive OTP only on registered mobile number. You must register your mobile number with UIDAI. Hence, you can get online claim settlement.

You must also remember to link your Aadhaar card with EPFO UAN. Moreover, this will help in security measures.

Process to make claim

It is very simple and easy process to make claims. However, for this you must follow some steps. Below you will know these steps –

  • First you must login to member interface
  • And for this you should use UAN credentials
  • Second you must check KYC and service (whether they are correct or not)
  • Third you select necessary claim
  • Moreover, finally you should verify this process using your Aadhaar details

Therefore, you know about claim submission process for EPF members. You can also check your EPF balance online in easy steps. Hence, it will be easy for you to withdraw PF.

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