Set EPFO claims via mobile | Steps to settle EPF claim

EPF or Employees’ Provident Fund latest news is about EPF claim settlement. You can settle EPF claims online. But now you can settle EPF claims through mobile. This is latest news of EPFO. For this you must use UMANG. Here, UMANG is a mobile application. Recently, EPF released statement on EPFO housing scheme 2017 for EPFO members also.

What is UMANG in EPF?

As we told you before UMANG is mobile application. You can use it for EPF withdrawal through mobile application. In addition, more than four crore EPFO members will be able to use it. Therefore you can settle your EPF claims.

But you should know about EPF claim forms also. EPFO login member portal is helpful here. Authorities earlier released PF transfer online EPF transfer and withdrawal process UAN.

Furthermore, UMANG is short form for ‘Unified Mobile App for new-age governance’. You will use UMANG mobile app to send EPFO claim. Thus, EPFO members can go for EPFO claim check. On the other hand, EPFO claim settlement organisation receives claims online.

However, time is not set to release this claim status of EPF through mobile app. But process started for EPF claim status with UAN. Besides, EPFO claim balance check is simple. So we can tell you it is easy to use app.  Mr. Bandaru Dattatreya, Labour Minister also added about other schemes.

He said that members of Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation can pick online claims settlement process. This will happen when they go for claim status EPF online process. This way EPFO claim settlement is easy. Moreover, you can check EPF claim status with UAN.

But for that you must go to EPF claim portal. Labour Ministry is trying its best to serve people. In this way it will be easy for all. Even EPFO claim transfer process is easy to understand. Now checking EPF balance by UAN number EPF balance statement download is simple.

Online settlement of claims of EPF and pension

Central Provident Fund Commissioner of EPFO told that EPF claim settlement will go online. The deadline is set for May 2017. Furthermore, providing bank account numbers with Aadhaar card details is mandatory. EPFO even made providing IFSC codes of subscriber’s bank accounts compulsory.

There is option to clear your doubts on EPFO claims. For that you can go to the following link UAN login EPFO member portal. Employers can go to another portal. This is EPFO employer UAN login payment portal.

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