How to solve Aadhaar Authentication Error in Unified EPF Portal?

After launching unified EPF portal, most of you are getting error at time of Aadhaar authentication in Unified portal EPF. If you are facing same problem then you can find exact reasons for getting error at time of Aadhaar authentication in PF portal.  Here you can know complete details about how to solve Aadhaar authentication error in Unified EPF Portal.

What is Aadhaar Authentication?

Aadhaar authentication is process that every person has to do by providing biometric data that is saved in Central identities Data Repository (CIDR). As per norms of Employee Provident Fund Organization updating KYC details such as Aadhaar. It is mandatory to get PF benefits.  Read Benefits and steps to fill PF Composite Claim Form Aadhaar and non-Aadhaar.

What is Aadhaar Authentication Error in PF Portal?

Aadhaar Authentication Error means your Aadhaar card is not verified. This error occurs when your Aadhaar card number is not verified by UIDAI. If your data is not available with you Aadhaar number, then it will lead you to an error where you will face Aadhaar authentication error”.

Generally, there are few reasons that this happen and some of reasons are like software issue, biometric info that is suspicious and invalid documentation etc. Here you can know complete details about how to solve Aadhaar authentication error in Online PF. See How to Open PPF Account in SBI through Net Banking

Reasons for Error at the Time of Aadhaar Authentication in Unified EPF Portal

There are two main reasons or errors that why you are getting this issue while linking your Aadhaar with UAN number, if you have same reason or error, you must follow our given steps to resolve this. But before, let us know what types of errors that you will get while updating Aadhaar details.

  • Difference in name entered in PF portal and name appearing on Aadhaar card in UIDAI website
  • Due to missing details of employees in Unified PF portal

Read our article on how to solve Aadhaar, name, DOP mismatch in EPF UAN portal online will help you to solve this issue if you are facing error of details mismatch with EPFO. 

Follow Steps to solve Aadhaar Authentication Error in EPF Portal or Verify Aadhaar Card number

If you are getting an Aadhaar authentication error in EPF portal then you must check Aadhaar card is verified or not.

  • To verify you Aadhaar card you have to go to official UIDAI portal
  • You will find ‘Aadhaar Services’ at right side of main page, here you will find link named ‘verify Aadhaar’
  • When you click on verify Aadhaar link, then new page will pop up showing you two different fields that you have to fill
  • Here you have to fill your Aadhaar number and unique Captcha number showing in small box right after security code column.
  • Then fill in both field and click verify. If your Aadhaar card is activated then you will see message that Aadhaar number exists.
  • Now your Aadhaar card number is verified by UIDAI. So this is process to solve Aadhaar authentication error in PF portal.