PF and EPS money withdrawal after leaving your job

Some people will not get their pension after leaving the job; Provident Fund Organization will help employees to keep their money safe and give their money back after their retirement when they grow old. You need to either transfer PF balance to the new employer or withdraw the amount before they leave the job.

If you leave the job and no offerings are made then PF accounts remains valid with earning balance every year.

When can an employee withdraw PF BALANCE?

As per EPF Act, if an employee retires from service at the age of 58 years, total PF balance includes employee’s financial support to that of the employer.  Depending up on the service done to organization he will get Employee Pension Scheme amount. If a person wants to resign his job before 58 years then he can withdraw the full PF balance and he can even draw EPS amount but it depends up on the years of service.

He can even withdraw the amount if his employment for 60 years and even you can withdrawal even after leaving the job.  If the service period is less than 10 years than you can even withdraw the amount of PF and EPS after the retirement employee will take the benefits of pension.

To withdraw the amount of EPF and PF balance then EPFO came with a “Composite form” this form will take transfers, withdrawals, advances and other services. If you want to start any withdrawal process then you need to make sure that all the PF accounts are merged into one.

The Withdrawal process

Now, withdrawal process becomes simple and it is a very less time taking process. If you have Aadhaar number with you, here you can start the withdrawal amount with and without using Aadhaar. Check for EPFO UAN login member portal | EPF balance check | EPF transfer claim status

Withdrawal without using Aadhaar card number

If you don’t have Aadhaar car number, but if you have PF number then you can use Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhaar).

You need to submit Permanent Account Number (PAN) if total service period is less than five years and you need to attach two copies of Form 15G/15H. You cannot find Universal Account Number (UAN) so, you can refer to only PF Account number.

Withdrawing using Aadhaar card Number

You can submit a Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar) to the EPFO office without attestation of claim form by employers. The payment of the PF balance will be sent to your bank account, so you have to attach a cheque which is cancelled with the form.

You have to submit complete details in Form 11 to your employer, Aadhaar card number and bank account details are available on the UAN portal and the UAN number has been activated. Learn about Check EPF balance by UAN number UAN passbook | EPF balance passbook

The withdrawal process will demand some conditions, so you need to choose the form which will suitable for you.

  • Withdrawing PF balance plus EPS amount ( for the employee whose service is below 10 years)
  • Withdrawing PF balance plus EPS amount(over 10 years of service)
  • Withdrawing PF balance only and reduced pension(if a person age id of 50-58 years, over 10 years of service)
  • Withdrawing PF balance only and full pension will be given (After the age of 58 years)
  1. Withdrawing PF balance plus EPS amount (below 10 years of service)

If an employee service period is less than 10 years, both PF balance and the EPS amount will be paid. If you want to get EPS amount then Composite Claim Form along with choosing ‘Final PF balance’, you have to choose ‘pension withdrawal’ option. Let’s see about EPF withdrawal scheme | withdraw 90% of EPF amount and buy home

  1. Withdrawing PF balance plus EPS amount (over ten years of service)

If you have completed 10 years then you cannot withdraw the EPS amount you can only fill the scheme certificate they have given you while filling Form 10C. Pension is paid from the age of 58 years but reduced pension will be paid from the age of 50.

  1. Withdrawing PF balance and reduced pension (over ten years of service)

You can get pension after turning at the age of 50 years of age and you need to provide service at least for 10 years. If your service period has been more than 10 years and you are at the age of 50 and 58 then you may reduce pension. You need to submit Form 10D and Composite Claim form.

  1. Withdrawing PF balance and full pension (After 58)

After finishing 58 years you have to submit the same Form 10D then you can claim the full pension.

What you should do

If you change a job then you need to transfer PF balance as it is a form of forced savings. If a person who is still working and they don’t have any own business then they can transfer the PPF balance to the new employer. If you want to start your own business then the amount in the EPF account will be transferred to the National Pension Scheme.