Download EPF passbook to track and check EPF balance | UAN passbook download by using UAN password login

Download EPF passbook to track and check EPF balance

EPFO or Employees’ Provident Fund now allows you to check EPF balance. Furthermore, you can keep track of EPF balance amount as well. Thus, this would help you in many ways. Moreover, you can select EPF balance check online. Hence, it is easy to track EPF investments.

UAN passbook download by using UAN password login

In this article you learn different ways to know how to download passbook at UAN member portal. You also will have idea of how to download UAN passbook without UAN and your mobile number. But you remember that you follow correct steps to know how to download UAN passbook.

On other hand there are some other steps that you should follow because there are completely different steps that you use to check EPF balance on mobile.

Ways to know PF balance by UAN number

UAN number full form is Universal Account Number is very important number as you know your PF account balance. So whenever you wish to find out how much balance is there in your provident fund account then you take help of your UAN or your Universal Account Number that you get with your Employees Provident Fund Organisation number / EPFO number.

Steps for PF balance check online

Now you do not have to wait for long time. Because you will get required details online. But for this you must download EPF passbook. As with this passbook you will get provident fund balance details. Therefore, you may check how much money you have in your EPF account.

How can I download EPF passbook?

Downloading EPF passbook is easy thing. However, it is better that you follow below steps. Because you will learn important steps. Finally, it becomes easy for you to download provident fund passbook. You can continue reading to know more about it as below we gave complete details on how to download one EPF passbook –

Download UAN passbook at EPF Indian Government site

It is also very important for you to note that you only go to official website of EPFO in order to download EPF UAN passbook. This is the place and website where you get correct information.

Member passbook facility invalid UAN or password

There may be some cases where you come face to face with some or the other problems and if this is the case such as member passbook facility invalid or invalid UAN and / or invalid UAN password then you do not worry because in this article we gave information on how to solve different problems.

Download UAN passbook with UAN password

So you just keep reading to know more about official procedure to be followed to download your EPF passbook. Below you also find steps to download UAN passbook with UAN password clearly for your information.

Steps to download EPF passbook

  • First, you must go to official EPFO website
  • Plus, to go there, you can click on following link
  • At website, you must check ‘our services’
  • In other words you must go for EPF UAN portal
  • However, at official website, find Our services tab
  • There, you must click Employees tab
  • In addition, you see list of services
  • However, you must now check EPF passbook link
  • You will find this in second place most times
  • You can see that this tab reads ‘member passbook’
  • Furthermore, click on that tab

Other steps to download EPF passbook

After you click on member passbook tab. You will go to another page. Moreover, at this page you can see two fields. Here, you must fill your UAN number. Because only after that you can enter password.

Besides, after entering your UAN number and portal password. You can easily download your EPF passbook.

Download passbook at UAN member portal

Apart from that you must remember a few other points. One of them is that if you change your portal password or you may have created new one; then you must wait for some time. Mostly people wait for one or two days because after that only you can download your EPF passbook.

Otherwise you will not be able to check your EPF balance. It means that you cannot download passbook online.

Therefore, it is better that you follow above steps. Additionally, it is now easy for EPF balance statement download. Even employers can make EPF payment online. Thus, it will not be a trouble for anyone from now on.

Check EPF balance on mobile

Apart from above stated things authorities allow you from now on to check EPF balance on mobile and this is one of the best features of having your employee provident fund account passbook. UAN EPFO authorities also allow you to withdraw your saved retirement fund before you retire.

But for this you must follow other steps so to help you here, you find some more steps to be followed in another article. We have given all details related to Employees Provident Fund Organisation on this website in order to assist you for clearing queries related to EPFO and similar questions on UAN passbook or balance.

Download EPF UAN passbook at EPF India Government site

Finally when you follow all above stated steps you will learn how to get UAN or universal account number passbook. In addition after you get your EPF balance passbook you can check EPF withdrawal process.

Thus in this article you learnt all steps related to know PF balance by UAN number and how to download UAN passbook from official website.

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