How to correct name, gender, date of birth in EPF Online?

Your Aadhaar Card and UAN details like name, gender and date of birth are not matching? Are you finding it difficult to correct details in UAN? Do you want to change your name in PF account due to mismatch in EPF database? Now you can update easily using unified portal. You are at right place. In this post, we will tell you about new method of online name, gender and date of birth correction in your UAN online. Let us see process.

EPFO online facility for correction in name, date of birth and other details

Employees Provident Fund Organisation has come up with an online facility for correction in name, date of birth and other details of employee. If you tried to link your Aadhaar with your UAN and unable to do because of mismatch in Name, Gender or Date of Birth in UAN data and Aadhaar then you can use new facility provided in UAN portal to update details.

EPF Name, Date of Birth, Gender Change Rules

You cannot change name, DOB, Gender in EPF database. Since, you have not given these details to EPFO, you alone cannot give an application for name or date of birth change. Changing name in EPF account shall be done jointly by you and your employer. Both of you should give an application to correct name. Also Read Now EPFO members having UAN can link Aadhaar online

In old process, both of you have to give joint application. But now, you have to apply online and your employer will also approve it online. If you are applying online it is done through approved Aadhaar data. Thus you are not required to upload any identity proof. Additional Read Proposed EPF Rules.

New online method to change Name, gender and Date of Birth through UAN portal

New method of correction in Name, date of birth and gender requires UAN member portal. It is also called as Unified Member Portal. You can login to this portal using your UAN and Password. You can access UAN portal only after UAN activation.

Through this portal, you can also apply for EPF transfer and EPF withdrawal. It also gives facility to upload KYC data and Link your Aadhaar with UAN. Read How to Generate UAN Online from EPFO without employer

Point to Note

If your Aadhaar is linked to UAN and your employer has approved it then you cannot change personal details. UAN and Aadhaar Link after detail matches with data base only. Also read Employee Provident Fund and UAN

Requirements to change Name or Date of Birth

  • You must have UAN
  • UAN must be activated
  • You can access Unified Member Portal
  • You must have Aadhaar Number

Step-By-Step process for EPF UAN correction of Name, DOB, Gender Online

  • First, you need to visit EPFO’s Unified Member Portal . You log in to the account using your UAN and Password.
  • Then under tab you find ‘Manage’ and select option “Modify Basic Details”.
  • You need to give correct details as per Aadhaar (system will verify details entered with UIDAI-Aadhaar data)
  • Once you click on ‘Update Details’ tab on previous screen will appear. Here you can view details you entered, check status of details updated and also you can delete the request. But do remember that you can delete the request till an employer approves request.
  • However, if your UAN is already Aadhaar verified, then you are not allowed to change details and message appears as below.

This is how you can proceed with EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction online. Once you submit the request, then below process will happen at back end.

Online Employer approving or rejecting request

Your employer will have to approve request online. It will then pass on to EPFO field office. After this process, EPF staff will then process requested corrections.

  • Now, Employer will login to Employer Unified Portal
  • Employer can see change request submitted by you by clicking on “Member>Details Change Request”
  • Employer takes right action by giving proper remark
  • After approval of request, employer can see latest status of request.

EPFO approving or rejecting request through online

  • If employer approves then request will go to concerned person at EPFO office, in Field Office of Unified Portal.
  • After verification regional EPFO office approves rectification in name and date of birth of employee. Finally, EPFO office can approve or reject case.

Offline Method of EPF Name and Date of Birth Change

Under offline method, to change your name or date of birth you have to submit joint request. These requests are signed by you and your employer and submit to concerned EPFO office for correction of details.

Along with this form, you have to submit copy of identity proof which has correct name. After successful verification, this request will be automatically to transfer employer’s login for online transmission to EPFO field office. Also read EPFO gives many types of Hike in lifetime pension